Pathologist Prescription Pad Template in MS Word – 05

A Pathologist is a medical specialist or a doctor or health care expert who deals with the study of diseases. He is a regular doctor who specializes in pathology. He/she is also responsible for performing lab tests and examining body tissues, fluids, and organs.  They also diagnose diseases. Almost all cancer diagnoses are made with the help of a pathologist.

For this reason, they often need to obtain diseased tissue from a body and examine it to diagnose a disease. They examine viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, blood, and infectious agents as well to diagnose diseases that originate from them. They also study genes and gene markers to diagnose genetic disorders or heredity diseases.

Pathologist spends most of their time in hospital labs and are an important part of the medical team, and plays an important part in the diagnosis of infectious diseases. Especially after COVID-19, the role of pathologists in studying viruses and contagious diseases spread via a virus has become vital. They can also be called microscope experts as their work involves using a microscope but they also use advanced techniques such as proteomics, confocal laser scanning microscopy (CLSM), etc.

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